Once called ‘A defiant pillar of the Copenhagen scene’ in a low-rated YouTube comment, Barcelona-based Frederik Tollund is a DJ/producer firmly believing in the political and transformative power of dance floors. He is a co-founder of Group Therapy: a series of safer-space oriented raves striving to create community-based utopias. 

As a DJ, Frederik is known for his high-energy closings and all-nighter sets with a UK-fused sound spanning leftfield techno, lofty tear-jerkers and diva house – all while retaining a pop-sensibility. His own productions have followed a similar, hook-loving vein with tracks released on Radiant Love and Another Name. In addition to DJ sets, he performs live on modular synthesizers showcasing a more introspective and experimental side showcased at locations such as Roskilde Festival and Teorema.